Other Activities

1. Comprehensive Free Eye Camp (Sunday and Thursday)

2. Afternoon Free Eye screening (for local area within 30 k.m.)

3. Vision  Center : We have established Five Vision Centre

  • Nandigram (Monday to Saturday ) – Amarlata Gramin Sava Kendra. Godai Balbarh, Nandigram
  • Pratapdighi (Monday to Wednesday ) – Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Sevashram  Pratapdighi
  • Panskura (Friday to Sunday ) – Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Sevashram  Madhusudanbar, Panskura (near Rly.  Stn.)
  • Ghatmura (Monday to Wednesday) – Ghatmura Vivekananda Pathachakra, Paschim Medinipure
  • Organja (Friday to Sunday) – Organaja Sri Ramkrishna Vivekananda Pathachakra, Near Chandrakona Road, Paschim Medinipure

Registration Fees : Rs. 20/- (New) and Rs. 10/- (Review) upto 90 days

Consultation fee for referred patients to base hospital: Rs. 20/-

Activities :

Routine Eye examination, ocular first aid, refraction and spectacle dispensing (son the pot delivery or from base hosp.) Cataract screening camps, school screening, surgery patients follow up, Awareness programme in villages.