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Residential Vocational Training Centre for the Adult Blind

• Started in 1987 with just 20 trainees, to impart training in handicraft making. Gradually, the products earned the goodwill of people, and today around 50 blind boys and girls are rehabilitated with decent earnings in the campus, thus fulfilling the Asram’s endeavour to promote self-employment.

CBR Training Centre for Professionals

• Sponsored by Sight Savers International, Mumbai, it was started in 1994.
• It has so far rehabilitated 539 blind people.

Teacher’s Training Centre (Primary) for the Visually Impaired

• Has been set up with approval from the Rehabilitation Council of India and the National Institute for the Visually Handicapped.
• It is a co-educational institution.
• All its trainees have been absorbed in Government and non-Government services.

At the Asram, special emphasis is laid on Women’s Development.

• Our most noteworthy effort finds expression in Sarada Mission Sevasram, which provides invaluable service to the community.
• It runs various development activities for blind girls.
• The Asram also believes that it is not only essential to provide education, training and rehabilitation, but equally important to instil in students, spirituality, and help them recognize the rich cultural heritage of India.
• Towards this end we have built temples, and regularly conduct spiritual and cultural activities

In addition, we provide help to the underprivileged in all other spheres as well, like

• distributing textbooks
• distributing dresses and winter garments
• distributing building material
• providing support in times of natural calamities
• sinking tube wells in surrounding villages
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