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VMA has set up the VMA Netra Niramay Niketan, with government approval in 1994, to provide visually impaired people with quality medical care.

  • This 100-bed eye hospital has 40 free beds to provide medical care to poverty-stricken people.
  • It has a number of sub-speciality clinics that specialise in

Low Vision
Child Eye Care
Contact Lenses
Tele Oputhalulogy

  • It caters to the 10 million rural poor population of West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura and neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, who come here to take advantage of the quality service and low costs.
  • This hospital also holds Screening Camps for poor patients, throughout the year. These-Treat approximately 30,000 outpatients, Perform surgery on about 8,000 at the base hospital every year, free of cost.
  • The hospital also conducts School Screening Programmes to impart training to around 6,000 children every year.
  • The hospital is also involved in surveys and studies on eye care.
  • It conducted Blindness Surveys in different states under National Program for Control of Blindness, Govt. of India
  • It has done commendable research work on Childhood Blindness , Genetics of Albinism and low vision.
  • Moreover, it conducts observation and hands on training for ophthalmologists and paramedical staff from different hospitals of different states, and countries.
  • The Vivekananda Mission Asram also serves the underprivileged through the Outdoor Homeopathy Dispensary and the Outdoor Alopathy Charitable Dispensary.
  • In addition, it holds Eye Health Seminars, Exhibitions and Training Camps every year, to generate awareness of eye diseases.
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